Universal Leather

Hide Size, Origin, and Leather Sectors

The size and quality of the hide greatly depends on the area
of the world it comes from...

Europe and North America: Great Quality - availability makes for high price; low waste resulting from fewer insects and superb feeding and care.

South America (More Cows than People): Good Quality - great supply makes for low to medium price; low to medium waste resulting from good feeding and care.

Far East, Russia and Africa: Poor Quality - small size, high waste - resulting from constant branding, poor feeding, care and insects.

China & Italy: having few hides must import hides; cured in salt, and shipped from
all parts of the world. Best results are achieved from fresh harvested hides which arrive several
hours after harvest. S.A. has more cows than people.


Tanning and Finishing Topics

Leather Factoids

Hide Size, Origin, and Leather Sectors

Stages of Transformation


Hand Antiquing with Oils & Waxes

Color Variations & Natural Leather Marks

Revealing the Uniqueness of Hides

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"As Nature Intended..."

Universal Leather makes superb leathers "as nature intended" for discerning manufacturers, architects, interior design, marine, aircraft, and auto aftermarkets who are looking for the very best - our craft is leather. Universal Leather, 45 years making leather as nature intended, developing heirlooms.